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Points, its biggest decline since April. On Thursday, the futures contract closed

Points, its biggest decline since April. On Thursday, the futures contract closed the main doge, long kinetic energy is clearly insufficient. Refers to the total holdings of up to 75444 hands after Monday, Tuesday consecutive record high, Thursday once again hit a new high since listing, and net short positions also hit a record high for a third day. On Friday, the main futures contract fell more than 1 percent, after multi trying again upside 10 day moving average, but ultimately to no avail. Because every other week many uncertainties, both long and short hedge choose to leave, period refers to the total open interest has declined. However, the index despite the reduction in net short positions, but still above the million in hand, to 11029 hands. Drop quasi boosted bullish sentiment Macro cheap die cut boxes data released on Friday, the credit data performance is not satisfactory, which seems to give the reason for the short side further short. However, YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes analysis, in occasion of the index die cut of customized die cut boxes from YBY Boxes in policy, the central YBY Boxes announced on Saturday May 18 to reduce the deposit YBY Boxes provides custom printing with logo large Die Cut boxes with free shipping Reserve ratio, will significantly boost the bullish sentiment. Orient Securities chief analyst of financial derivatives GAO Jian to index the recent trend is still optimistic. He believes that the CSI 300 last week after breaking the previous high point, “presumably digested stuck selling, but last week, but was pushed back to 2636 points, 2700 points illustrate the pressure is still not small. “His analysis, on the week, the date of Tuesday, and the index is a strong pattern. To last Wednesday, there has been a slight departure from the spread. Although last Thursday, multi-confidence has been restored, but weakened again Friday, “the decline in value of the difference between the lower YBY Boxes is delivering cheap die cut boxes spreads and synchronous downward, indicating that they do not want to lower the multi-access. “Under the long and short interleaving seemingly contradictory signals, the index will go from here? Gao Jian said that the current spread is not the best bullish signal, because the spread divergence, not the standard look empty, after last Thursday was also reversed as strong. He said, “I chose to

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