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Specialized Report: Sexual, scares, Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie special effects spice up Pemex safety movies

MEXICO CITY/NEW YORK In one movie, two bikini-clad ladies Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie sashay around a swimming pool in stiletto heels, laughing about how one used sex to persuade her hard-working spouse to buy her an expensive truck.

In another, two oil executives entangled Oktoberfest Costume in a love triangle are transported 20 years into a bleak upcoming by flashing green stones.

Yet another comes after a devilish seductress in fishnet vxvxc520 stockings since she exhales magical black smoke and wreaks havoc on an olive oil rig.

The scenarios sound like Oktoberfest Costume typical telenovela fare. Like many of those popular Mexican soap operas, they traffick in sex, the supernatural and not-so-special effects. They even share some of the same actors.

But these movies have a significant purpose: marketing safety among the list of tens of thousands of personnel at Pemex, Mexico's massive state-owned necessary oil company.

As 2009, Pemex has paid out a private provider, Oaxaca-based Cinetransformer, $44 , 000, 000 to produce for least 18 movies, each and every one less than 1 hour long, and have absolutely them to personnel in the provider's mobile movies building. These tractor-trailers travel out of worksite to worksite, in which they are changed into 90-seat sites with restrooms, air-conditioning and popcorn equipment.

The aim, matching to Pemex, is to promote an overall customs of wellbeing to complement you're able to send hands-on wellbeing training.

This is important. Necessary oil exploration and production is among the most dangerous companies in the world. And Pemex seems to have one of the finest injury and fatality costs among petrol companies, in line with the International Rapport of Coal and oil Producers.

The challenge for some current and ex - Pemex personnel, among other folks, is the business approach having its movies  what Eduardo Zavala, Pemex's subdirector of business safety and environmental cover, calls “edu-tainment.  Raul Munoz, standard director of Pemex out of 2000 to 2004, observed “A Adventure of Acrylic Workers,  the initially Cinetransformer's Pemex movies. In it, the worker who all bought his wife the expensive pick up truck is too active dealing with bank loan sharks to stop being overflow in fire on an acrylic platform.

“It's very difficult to discover what the level of this was and much not as much that it could possibly be effective,  Munoz explained. “It's too terrible. It's stunning. It's a mockery.  Film production company program is certainly “an substantial cost and it designs spending coming from where is actually really needed,  said Carlos Arjona, a 28-year Pemex experienced. He shipped supplies and equipment during the emergency response to an 04 fire that killed seven Pemex employees and hurt as many as 45 on a rig in the Campeche Sound.

Pemex said that the Cinetransformer movies augment a rigorous hands-on safety training program, and that this past year, it offered safety teaching to thirty six, 000 creation and search workers in four sites around Mexico. The company stated it usually spends more with this sort of teaching than for the Cinetransformer films. It dropped to provide amounts.

A Cinetransformer spokesman, in an email, stated the company's shows for Pemex weren't cleaning soap operas, yet “motivational, with elements of crisis, suspense, action, romance and comedy. 


Upon June 25, the nationwide daily Este Universal paper ran a peice about the movies and the cash Pemex features spent on all of them. The sums involved motivated lawmakers over the political variety to require a review of the price tag on the movies, while not questioning the effectiveness.

Recording, however , the Federal Exam Office, a congressional examinative agency, produced an exam that uncovered that Pemex's Safety, Into the Environmental Safeguards program, like the Cinetransformer films, “had no impact on health and safety indicators.  The National Audit Business office can only assessment contracts make recommendations to internal Pemex investigators. Although Reuters reported in a January report, Pemex investigators in most cases disregard exam recommendations to discipline staff members, pursue villain charges or perhaps claw once again money right from contractors.

Pemex's fatality and injury cost for development and seek workers was six intervals the world-wide average in 2013, the most up-to-date data readily available, according to the IOGP.

Pemex explained the IOGP numbers happen to be correct. Nevertheless the company as well calculates a reduced injury and fatality cost based on a unique data. In-may, after Reuters news agency made concerns into the lubricate company's defense record plus the Cinetransformer plans, Pemex supplied a report citing these in-house amounts as evidence that the accident and fatality charge fell to historic lows last year.

That Cinetransformer's films aren't normal safety teaching material is clear to anyone who sees all of them. Reuters viewed 10 on the 18.

In “Investigation and Analysis of Incidents and Accidents the games lack the panache on the plots  a Pemex worker who have sustains a spinal personal injury on the job moves again after his daughter prays towards the Virgin Jane.

Smoke-spewing succubus Lucia Fernanda distracts oil-rig workers simply by flashing her lacy corset at all of them in “Operational Discipline II a sequel. She's ultimately defeated by a father-son team that employs rigorous Pemex safe practices protocols.

A Pemex worker in “Health at Work shuns hearing protection, moves deaf, and it is unable to listen to his girl canoodling with her man just foot away.

The time-traveling professionals in “Administration of Procedure Safety study that if perhaps Pemex will not focus on safe practices, the company will end up killing all of the seafood in the ocean, and starving Mexicans will rise up against the business.

“A traditional safety video is not fun, said Zavala, the Pemex safety official. “Now there is applause, sometimes the workers even shed a tear. It touches their hearts.  The movies harness the power of sex, too: “If a woman comes out in a bikini, it's like salt and pepper for the oil workers,  Zavala said.

Betty Monroe, a telenovela star on TV Azteca, Mexico's No . 2 broadcaster, is a fan of the genre after playing a Pemex accident investigator in “Investigation and Analysis of Incidents and Accidents. “There has to be melodrama to explain that there will be consequences if someone is not doing their job well,  she said.


The force behind these creations is Julio Fernandez, founder and president of Cinetransformer.

Fernandez's father, Raul Fernandez, and his uncle, Rolando Fernandez, gained fame in the 1980s when they produced and directed the “Lola la Trailera movies, a series about a beautiful long-haul trucker who fights drug dealers, corrupt government officials and the legendary beasts called chupacabras. The movies, starring Rolando's wife, Rosa Gloria Chagoyan, have become cult classics.

The Fernandez family also owns Traylfer, a company that builds trucks, like the Cinetransformer mobile phone movie theaters that Julio's dad, Raul, developed in 1995.

Julio Fernandez for a long time had been looking to sign up Pemex as a customer to use the mobile movies building for its teaching movies. Almost a decade ago, this individual got his chance when ever, through close friends, he was competent to set up a gathering with Rogelio Morando, therefore head of Pemex's safeness program.

At that time, a Philippine university was producing you can actually safety films under a agreement worth regarding $840, 500. After the achieving, Cinetransformer received the job of showing the university's films in its mobile phone theaters.

Fernandez had larger plans. This individual thought the university's films were dry out and uninteresting. To bring Pemex staff - browsing is optionally available - this individual proposed producing sexier films, with telenovela stars and higher creation values.

“That's how we received interested in this, Morando said. “They understood the right way to bring the mail messages to the staff in their terminology. On July 29, 2009, Morando awarded Cinetransformer a $564, 892 test contract. Like the two that would follow, it was a no-bid process. Pemex justified to regulators the absence of competitive bidding on the grounds that it had already worked with Cinetransformer and knew that it was best for the job.

Less than two months later on, Pemex employees in Poza Rica and Villahermosa were watching “A Story of Oil Workers. 

The movie opens in a hospital waiting around room. An elderly man, played by veteran Mexican actor Salvador Sanchez, assures his grandson that the operation he is going to have “doesn't cost me anything because Pemex pays for everything even though I am retired.  Meanwhile, over breakfast, the son's mother explains to her partner, Rodrigo, a Pemex necessary oil worker, that she problems about him if he is out to the rig. This individual reminds her that Pemex gives these people a nice residence, good rewards and use of the Pemex sporting intricate, including a pool area.

The bare-chested husband surface finishes his lunch break, sweeps his wife away her toes and provides her in the bedroom. All their tryst is certainly interrupted some time later by grandfather plus the boy, revisiting from the clinic earlier than predicted.

There is no reference to safety right up until a third belonging to the way in the film, mainly because the main character Rodrigo leaves his wife's embrace and joins program Gerardo, the co-worker struggling with bank loan sharks after buying his wife a truck.


Pemex executives were delighted with the results. “It was a very successful program and at a much lower cost than doing higher strength training, Morando said.

On Aug. 13, 2010, Cinetransformer got its second Pemex contract, this one pertaining to $17. five million. It provided for the organization to hire nine pre-production staff and a production crew of 53 people, including 10 stunt doubles, four drivers and two cloudwoven cameramen, in addition actors and extras.

Monroe, the TV Azteca actor, spent several days learning about olive oil production after which about a couple weeks filming at a Pemex facility in the state of Tabasco. “They told me they wished that were there a co-worker as good- looking mainly because me,  she explained. Her fork out, she explained, was corresponding to what my mom earned to find other videos she has done.

Alejandro Camacho, a telenovela star in Televisa, the world's greatest Spanish vocabulary television manufacturer, starred like a Pemex professional in “Your Health Is definitely Not a Game. He said he got included through his friendship together with the Fernandez as well as Chagoyan of “Lola popularity.

“The Fernandez's company facilitates the livelihoods of a lots of people,  Camacho stated. Like Monroe and other stars, he dropped to say just how much he was paid, but he had no issues.

On Sept. 18, 2012, three weeks after verification one Cinetransformer film beyond Reynosa, a gas exploding market killed 35 employees in a Pemex gas service near the town. Pemex stated it would not release the results of its inspection into the crash until 2025, according to a report in the newspaper Hora Cero at that moment.

By the end of 2012, Pemex's injury and fatality pace for development and seek workers involved 12 conditions the world-wide average.

In Feb. one particular, 2013, Pemex awarded Cinetransformer its up coming contract, well worth $26. 5 million.

A new day before, a great explosion attractive through Pemex's headquarters, destroying at least 37 staff members and wounding more than 90 others. The attorney general's office explained the market was the effect of a spark right from a flawed electrical release that captivated an accumulation of toxic solvents and methane gas inside the building's downstairs room.

Morando retired from Pemex in 2013. He nowadays owns a boutique conventional hotel and cafe in Coatepec, in the talk about of Veracruz.

The current subdirector of Pemex's SSPA health and safety program, Luis Betancourt, explained the Cinetransformer movies are generally worth the $44 , 000, 000 investment and “have absolutely made a lot of contribution to improving basic safety.

To date, Cinetransformer's Pemex films have loaded 850, 500 theater chairs with Pemex workers and their relatives.

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