drone jammer gun

The waveform drone jammer can fully neutralize the detection system of alarm system. Almost at present most alarm systems, however, have a self - control, protection failure detection of one or more sensors of such an event of the center via text or telephone to prevent their owner's phone. If the anti-theft device also prohibits the communication of the factory, the system will not work.

The most advanced models of wave interference must simultaneously cut off all channel capacities: 315MHZ, 433MHz, CDMA (815mhz-849mhz), GSM (at 925mhz-960mhz), 3G (2110mhz-2185mhz).

This type of jammer is slightly larger and more expensive than a cigarette pack. Stolen homes and apartments are unlikely to be equipped with such materials, but it is necessary to know they exist and anticipate countermeasures.


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